3 Things You Should Know About Auto Collision Repair

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If your vehicle requires repair after being involved in an accident, you may be tempted to rush your vehicle into the first available auto collision repair shop. However, there are a few things that you should know about auto collision repair before taking your vehicle in to be serviced.  

#1: Your Insurance Carrier May Require Multiple Estimates

While there may be one mechanic that you typically use when your vehicle requires repairs, you may not have the option of automatically choosing this mechanic to repair your vehicle after an accident. This is because many insurance carriers require you to get multiple estimates for the repairs that your vehicle requires after an accident. In many cases, insurance carriers will only authorize payment for the average amount of these estimates.

Consequently, if your preferred auto repair shop is more expensive than the average price of repairs, you could find yourself covering any additional costs on your own if you still choose to use this mechanic, With that being said, it is good to note that you will always have the right to choose any mechanic you want to complete your repairs. However, you may need to be prepared to cover the additional costs associated with your decision to exercise this right. 

#2: Additional Damage May Be Found Once Repairs Begin

Auto collision repair specialists will do their best to provide an accurate estimate when inspecting your vehicle to determine what repairs are needed after an accident. However, there is a reason that most of these mechanics will only offer estimates instead of guaranteed quotes. This reason is that additional damage is commonly found after repairs have already begun. The reason for this is that some types of damage cannot be seen until after the vehicle is partially disassembled. This most commonly applies to mechanic damage to your vehicle rather than purely cosmetic damage. 

#3: All Repairs Will Need To Be Approved By Insurance Before Work Begins

If you are hoping to have the cost of your auto collision repairs covered by your insurance company, you will need to ensure that all necessary repairs have been approved by your insurance provider before work begins on your vehicle. This is very important since your claim for coverage can be denied if a repair is completed prior to the date this repair was authorized by the insurance company. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that any deductible you are required to pay has been paid in full before requesting payment from the insurance company for any outstanding balance. 

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