3 Things To Check After Collision Repairs Are Made To A Door On Your Car

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If you were recently involved in a collision that left one of your car doors dented and damaged, your car is probably at an auto collision repair center getting fixed right now. When you get the call that it is ready to be picked up, there are several things you should check when you first arrive at the repair center. These are things you might not think of, but they should be included in the repairs.

Sensors and warning lights

There are many types of cars that have airbags or airbag sensors in the doors. If your door was the main part of your car that was damaged, the sensors may have been hit. Because of this, you should start your car at the repair center to see if there are any warning lights that appear.

If you see one or more warning lights lit up, tell the shop immediately. While these lights might not pose any risks with driving your car, it is not good to have warning lights on when they are not needed.


Another issue you might not think to check is the radio. The radio in your car most likely has speakers that are found in the doors. Because your door was damaged, there is a chance that the speaker might not work properly. This can occur from wires getting ripped out or damaged, or there could possibly be damage to the actual speaker.

While you are checking your car, turn on the radio. Adjust the speakers so that all the sound is coming from the speaker inside the door that was damaged. If it sounds muffled or is not working, talk to the shop about it. When you get auto collision repair, your car should be in the same condition it was in before the accident took place.


Finally, as you sit inside your car, roll the window down on the door that was repaired just to make sure it works. If you have manual windows, you should easily be able to open and close the window with the crank. If you have power windows, your button should work to open and close the window. If you see any problems with it, let the shop know so they can adjust it or fix it.

These are all things that could get damaged from a door collision, but they should be included in the repairs. If you need repairs or have questions about recent repairs, talk to an auto collision repair shop like Auto Body By Duie LLC.