Aftercare Tips after Your Car Has Been Painted

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If you have recently had body work done to your car, or if you have had it painted to give it a fresh look, then you probably want to ensure that the new paint looks as nice as possible for as long as possible. Taking care of your car after it has been painted is easy, so just follow these tips to keep it looking fabulous.

Rinse It Off

Keep your car rinsed off after it has been freshly painted. Rinsing it will help prevent any dirt or debris from causing bubbling or other damage to your new paint. Also, make sure that you use water only for the first month. Otherwise, if you use detergent on your car, you could cause damage to your new paint.

Don't Use the Wrong Cleanser

Many people wash their cars with dishwashing liquid and water, and you might have done so in the past without causing any damage. This doesn't mean that you should continue using dish soap on your new paint job, however. Over time, using the wrong cleanser can cause damage to your new paint. Instead, use a detergent that is designed for use on cars, such as one that you can pick up from an auto parts store. If you are unsure of what to use, ask someone from your collision repair center for recommendations.

Avoid Wax

For the first couple of months after your new paint job, you should avoid using wax on your car. Using wax too soon can affect your still-soft paint, so wait a reasonable length of time. After your collision repair center says that it is acceptable to use wax, however, you should apply it regularly; then, you can help protect your paint job from any damage.

Drive Carefully

Your paint will be more apt to chip for the first few months after your paint job, so make sure that you drive carefully. If at all possible, stay away from gravel driveways and rocks. When you must drive over these surfaces, make sure that you drive slowly to help prevent gravel and rocks from being thrown up onto your vehicle.

If your car has recently been painted, you probably want to take the best possible care of it so that you can keep your paint job looking fresh and new. Following these tips will help you keep the new paint protected so that your car will look great for a long time to come. For assistance, talk to a professional like Central Body Co Inc.