After The Accident | 4 Things You Should Do To Find The Best Repair Shop

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Car accidents are an inherent risk of driving a vehicle at all, even though most people are taken by surprise when it happens. Seeing your car maimed and broken is definitely disheartening and all that will be on your mind is whether it will ever look as good as it did before the wreck. It is completely possible to get the car's former glory restored, but to do this you have to find the best auto collision repair shop. Here are five things to do to ensure that you do actually get the best. 

1. Never Rely On the Insurance Company Solely for Advice - Insurance companies often have specific repair shops that they would prefer to work with when it comes to auto body repairs. These shops are usually preferred and recommended because they offer lower prices. Even though this sounds logical, lower prices may mean lower quality replacement parts or other shortcomings. Even if an insurance company strongly recommends a specific place, do your own research before making a decision.

2. Check Out Training, License and Certification - Not every body shop professional will be licensed or even fully educated. This is why it is up to you to ask for these credentials up front to ensure that you do actually get the best person for the job. Even though some uncertified individuals may do satisfactory work, the repairs may not be covered by your insurance. 

3. Find Out if the Professional Is Manufacturer Certified - A lot of automobile manufacturer's have certification programs that are offered through various educational outlets to professionals in the auto body industry. By finding a repair shop that is manufacturer certified, you will know you have someone who is familiar with working with your vehicle type specifically. 

4. Investigate the Parts Suppliers Used - You will want to know if a specific body shop uses aftermarket parts or something from a generic manufacturer. Even though it may seem like any part would work, the type of parts use can have a major impact on how well the restoration project looks when complete. 

Even though a car wreck can leave you shaken and frustrated, taking some time to find the the right auto collision repair shop, like Mojave Paint And Body 2, will always be worth the outcome. Keep this handy list with you when you are on your search for the right place and you will be more likely to be happy with the end result.