4 Car Repair Tools Many People Don't Think Of

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Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance and making repairs when needed is the most pertinent way to maintain your car's value and make sure that it continues to run smoothly. In order to ensure that you can do some maintenance and repairs on your own, you are going to want a few tools that are going to be necessary to use. You may know of some of the basic car repair tools, however, many people are unaware of these four tools that can actually make themselves really handy when it comes to car repairs:

  1. An LED Work Light: Don't even think about trying to use a flashlight when working on your vehicle. It is almost impossible to use when you are working on car repairs on your own. Besides, even if you do have a friend holding the flashlight for you, it can get quite bothersome to constantly ask them to change their position. An LED work light is definitely the best option, especially since these can stand on their own and have a much brighter light over a dim flashlight. You can even buy a cordless one that can work for many hours before needing to be charged again. This ensures that the cord doesn't get in your way while working.
  2. A Utility Knife: When it comes to car repairs, you may be wondering what you need a utility knife for. However, think of the times when you have needed to cut something to get started on any type of repairs. There are going to be times when you need to cut the packaging of newly purchased parts, hoses, wires, and more.
  3. Snap-Ring Pliers:  Snap-rings are rings that sit in place when inserted into a channel to help retain them. These can be really difficult to remove. To make it simpler, you should consider the purchase of snap-ring pliers, which are constructed in a way to make it easier to get the snap-rings out. In the end, you will be so thankful for all the times these pliers have saved you from sitting there trying to release the snap-ring with a screwdriver or other part that you have sitting around.
  4. A Digital Camera: Why would you need a digital camera for car repairs and maintenance? If you are taking any parts out and replacing them with new parts, you are going to want to remember how to put it back together. By taking pictures of the removal process, you can retrace your steps easily with the help of pictures that you took. A digital camera is also handy to keep in your vehicle in the case of a car accident when you need to take pictures of damages for car insurance purposes. 

Stocking up on these tools is really useful when it comes to DIY car repair and maintenance. Just keep in mind that when you run into a major problem you can't figure out on your own, it is always best to take your vehicle into the professionals at a local auto body repair shop like Custom Kar Tops. They can even offer you advice and some handy tools that you could use yourself in the future.