How To Fix A Rock Chip In Your Car

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Rock chips are an inevitable part of owning a car. No matter how well you take car of your car, you cannot defend against getting random rock chips in your car paint. Over time, a small chip in your paint can lead to more severe problems. If the chip exposes the metal beneath the paint, it could eventually lead to rust and rotting of your autobody.

This is why it is so important to fix even the smallest rock chips as soon as you notice them. This article will explain how to fix rock chips and what equipment works best:

Start with Wet Sandpaper

The first thing you will need is wet auto sandpaper. This is much like normal wood sandpaper except that it is much smoother. Some wet sandpaper has grit upwards of 3000. You will need a slightly rougher grit (try 2000) for the first run of sanding. As the name implies, you should keep the wet sandpaper moist whenever you are sanding.

This reduces the risk of scratching the paint. In light, circular motions, sand a small area around the hole. You do not want to sand off the existing paint, you just want the surface to be smooth enough for the patch.

Patch the Hole With Autobody Filler

Autobody filler is a thick putty that is similar to drywall paste. You will need a small plastic putty knife to spread it into the hole. Don't be afraid to use your finger to push the putty deeper in the hole. Most filler dries very quickly so you only have a couple of minutes to spread it out.

Try to make the patch match the curve of the car body. Of course, you will not be able to get it perfect. This is why you will need to get out the sandpaper again. Mold and shape the patched area so it look natural.

Painting with Auto Repair Paint

You should be able to get small cans of your factory paint and primer from a car dealership. These cans are designed specifically for making small paint touch ups. They even have a brush built into the lid. First, you will need to apply a clear coat of primer over the patch. The painting will only take a few seconds. You can save the can and store it away for the next time that you need to make a repair.

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