Six Stain Removal Mistakes That Could Prematurely Age Your Fabric Convertible Top

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No matter how careful you are about only driving your convertible in ideal weather conditions, you're bound to collect some stains on your fabric convertible top over time.

Removing these stains can be a challenge, but you can keep your convertible top looking as clean and as new as possible by avoiding the following six stain removal mistakes:

Spot cleaning rather than cleaning the entire top

Rather than spot cleaning only stained portions of your convertible top, it's best to wash the entire top when you clean. This way, you won't overlook stains that aren't readily apparent. This will also prevent portions of your convertible top that are more prone to staining from starting to look more worn over time than the rest of the fabric. 

Not wetting the top completely before applying convertible top cleaner

It's usually necessary to wet the entire top before applying convertible top cleaner. Having the fabric moist will allow the cleaner to achieve a sudsing action that will penetrate the fabric fibers and get out even deep stains.  

Using household cleaners like detergents that were not custom made for convertible top cleaning

You should never use a soap, detergent, or cleaner that wasn't custom made for convertible top cleaning to clean your top.

Convertible tops are made from a unique fabric blend. This is usually a twill weave that could include polyester, cotton, or rubber. Because their material composition is unique, they require a unique type of fabric cleaner.

Placing your convertible in a garage and closing the garage door right after cleaning

Drying out your convertible top after cleaning is imperative. If you park your convertible in a dark, humid garage after cleaning, you'll face the risk of mildew and mold growth in the fabric.

After a cleaning, make sure your convertible top has plenty of time to dry out in a well ventilated and well lit environment before you store it in a closed garage. 

Leaving the convertible to dry under direct sunlight

Thought you want to dry your convertible in a well lit area, don't dry it under direct sunlight. Leaving a convertible parked under direct sunlight for a long period of time could cause fading of the convertible top fabric. 

Not rinsing all the residue away after cleaning

If you leave residue on your convertible top after cleaning, this residue could dry and create additional stains that are even more difficult to get out.

Be sure to carefully rinse off the fabric so that no residue remains that could harden into the convertible top fabric. Talk to an interior pro, like Fred's Auto Interiors, for more help.