How To Mend Small Paint Chips

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Your RV is going to get scratched. Of course, there's very little you can do about preventing small paint chips and scratches on your car surface. While you cannot prevent these things from happening, you can prevent small scratches and chips from becoming sizable problems. When left alone, even the smallest paint chip can start to rust and corrode the metal of your car body. Once the rusting begins, it is much more difficult and time consuming to repair. This article focuses on RV collision repair for small paint chips in order to prevent them from growing and becoming bigger problems in the long run.

Using Touch-Up Paint

In order to repair paint chips, the most important thing you need is touch-up paint. You can buy your touch-up paint directly from a car dealership. This way, you are bound to have fewer problems matching the exact color of your car. Touch-up paint comes in many different forms, but the smallest tubes are the most convenient for tiny paint chips.

The small tubes have a little brushes built into the cap. The small brush will allow you to precisely paint inside the chip area. You pretty much just dab the paint into the chip, rather than actually brushing it on to it.

The main problem people have when applying touch-up paint is that it creates a bump, sticking out further than the original car surface. The best way to get around this problem is to simply buff out the touch-up paint after it has completely dried.

Using Wet Sandpaper

You can use the buffing attachment for a power drill, or you can use auto body sandpaper. If you invest in auto sandpaper, which is wet sandpaper, you can buff out the bump without removing too much of the paint gloss. Wet sandpaper just means that it needs to be moist when sanding the surface. This reduces scratching and leaves behind an even smoother finish.

What to Do With Rust

Usually, if there is already rust forming in your paint chip, you can still use the same techniques. You just need to sand the paint chip beforehand. That is, you want to sand away any rust within the chipped area before applying any sort of touch-up paint. If there is an actual hole in your car body already, you will need to invest in an auto body filler. This is a whole new job that is a little difficult.