Why You Need Multiple Quotes On Your Post-Car Accident Auto Body Repairs

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Auto body repair seems like they should be a straightforward thing after an accident. However, this is not just an incident where you tow the car to the nearest shop and wait. Your insurance is involved in the process. Here is why you will need to get multiple quotes on the body work needed after your accident. 

Your Insurance Company's Involvement

If the car insurance company deems the car beyond repair and wants to junk it, repairing it is not an option. Your insurance will just cut you a check for the estimated value of the vehicle. If your vehicle is still deemed worth repairing, then your insurance has to have a say in how much they will pay for the repairs. They will tell you to get several estimates for the needed repairs before they select the estimate you have given them that seems the most fair and accurate. 

You Have to Wait on the Other Driver's Insurance

If your insurance insists that the other driver's insurance has to pay, then you have to wait on the other insurance company to make some decisions about what to do next. It may take some time, and the other insurance company may insist on several quotes, too. If you were already working on quotes for your own insurance company, you can supply these quotes to the other driver's insurance company. Meanwhile, you will have to find some other form of transportation to get around. 

One Mechanic May Find Damages the Others Did Not

Some mechanics have a good eye for damages that other mechanics did not spot. If even one mechanic says that there are more damages, and provides you with a higher quote for the repairs, you will need to get another mechanic to take a look and confirm or deny those damages. If such extra damages exist, then your estimate to repair your car is going to be higher than you originally thought. You will need to prepare yourself and your insurance company for these changes and new estimates. 

Making the Decision to Repair or Salvage

Unless your insurance makes the decision for you, you will have to choose to repair the vehicle or salvage it. Since you went to all this effort to get several estimates/quotes on the repairs, you will have a good idea of what it will cost and which auto body repair shop is the most affordable. With that estimate/quote in mind, you can make a decision you feel is best for your vehicle and your wallet.