4 Myths About Tinting Your Vehicle's Windows

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Getting your windows tinted on your vehicle is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to heighten both the appearance and functionality of your ride. Here is a look at just a few of the myths to get out of the way if you are considering tinting your vehicle's windows. 

Myth: If your car has tinted windows, your insurance is higher. 

Your insurance rates will not go up because you have your windows tinted. Window tint, when professionally installed and done properly, will not heighten your risks of being involved in an accident. Risk assessment is how insurers configure their rates, but whether or not the windows are tinted does not have any real bearing. Therefore, you will likely not be asked whether or not your windows have been tinted. 

Myth: Window tinting causes irreparable damage to the auto glass. 

When tint is installed on your auto windows, the professional will use a basic adhesive solution for the installation process. The adhesive does not cause any permanent change to the surface of the glass. Once the tint is peeled away, you may have some sticky residue, but this can be removed with an alcohol-based solution and soapy water. 

Myth: Cars with tinted windows have a lower resale value. 

On the contrary, window tinting can be a desirable attribute of a used vehicle, especially when the work was professionally done. Tinting is considered to be a custom vehicle feature, which can actually make your vehicle a little more valuable in the eyes of a buyer. The only reason this kind of customization would lower your car's value is if the job was unprofessional and the result looked bad. 

Myth: Tinted windows will make you more likely to get pulled over by law enforcement. 

Having tinted windows is legal in most states, but there are some laws associated with how dark your tint can be and what windows the film can be placed on. For example, in the state of New York, window tint is only legally allowed to block 30 percent of the light. Therefore, this myth arises from vehicle owners who have tinting on their car windows that is beyond legal limits. Normally tinted car windows are not going to raise any alarms in the eyes of law enforcement. Therefore, you won't have any problems as long as you work with a true professional to get the work completed. These technicians will be familiar with the specific laws in your state. 

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