Considerations for a Professional Automotive Paint Job

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Before you decide to have your car repainted, consider the amount of time that it will take to complete the job and the quality of the paint products used at the auto body shop that you will be seeking services from. Some shops use manual repair and painting methods, whereas others may use automatic paint sprayers that provide fast and professional results.

Damages and Time

Damages on your vehicle's body will remain visible after your car is repainted. Some vehicle shops specialize in collision repairs. This type of shop focuses on auto body defects prior to sanding and painting surfaces that have been affected. There are many auto shops that come fully equipped with paint supplies that will support the complete transformation of a vehicle.

You will need to decide upon the level of work that you would like performed. If your vehicle has some slight dings and dents on its surface, find out how much time it will take to repair these issues. Next, seek a partial or comprehensive paint job. A partial paint job may not require a lot of prep work. Surfaces that won't be painted can be taped to prevent exposure to paint.

If you are seeking a complete paint job, it may be necessary to have trim and other components removed from your car's body. This will allow an automotive technician to cover all of the surfaces of your car with paint. A comprehensive paint job will take much longer than a partial job, so keep this in mind if time constraints are going to interfere with having your car repainted in its entirety.

Paint Products and Costs

An automotive technician may use a variety of flat and high gloss paint products to restore the body of a car. The quality of the paint products may vary. Inquire about the paint brands and types that are offered. A urethane paint product is a quality material that will last for several years. Knowing what the properties of the paint products are will help you select ones that will perform as you expect.

The costs involved will be dependent upon the type of paint and sealant you select and the amount of labor that will be necessary to complete the job. If a paint booth is onsite at the automotive shop you are seeking services through, you may be able to cut back on costs, since the painting process may not take long to complete.