A Collision Center May Remove A Dent In Your Car After An Accident Using Paintless Dent Repairs

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If you've been in an accident and have a dent in your car, talk to a collision center about doing paintless dent repairs. As long as the paint isn't damaged, there's a good chance paintless dent repairs will get your car fixed quickly and with good results. Here are some things to know about paintless dent repair and working with a collision center.

Paintless Repairs Can Be Done Quickly

The old and traditional way of repairing a dent in your car required the collision center to use filler to fill in the dent and then paint over it. This also required sanding. Another repair option was to put on a new door or fender panel rather than repair the old one. This process often involved ordering parts and then making repairs in a time-consuming process that left your car out of commission for a while.

Paintless dent repairs are much quicker and easier to do. The work can often be completed the same day while you wait on your car at the collision center. Of course, the speed at which the work is done depends on where the dent is located and how big it is.

Paintless Dent Repairs Are Less Expensive

A few things affect the cost of this type of collision repair. The size of the dent, the complexity of the repair, and the location of the dent matter since some dents take longer to repair than others. The dents are pushed out from the backside. That means the collision center may need to take your door or another part of your car apart to see the dent from the back. The amount of work this entails affects the cost.

Insurance covers paintless dent repairs, but if your insurance rather than the other party's will cover the cost, you might consider paying out of pocket since the repairs may cost less than your deductible. You'll get an estimate of the cost upfront so you can decide how to pay and whether you want to file a claim on your insurance policy.

The Repaired Area Is Invisible

The best thing about paintless dent repairs is they make the dent completely disappear and there are no imperfections left behind. This is important to help maintain the value of your car. A collision center has the experience, tools, and skills to push dents back out and return the area to its natural shape. Since no sanding or painting is involved, the surface of your car looks like it was never damaged or repaired.

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